Change of coach - takes over GIF after sabbatical: "I needed it"

Marcus Larsson decided not to coach the club this year. But one season was enough. He returns to the coaching bench in 2023 as a replacement for Jonas Andersson, who leaves Gefle IF. "Interesting players have already made contact and want to come to training," says the new GIF coach.

But for many, the change of coach was a big surprise

Jonas Andersson, who has been the head coach for two seasons, did not want to talk too much about the future after the season, but also did not indicate that this match was his last. However, we can say that the reason for his decision was time. Andersson, who decided to return for the 2020 season - after previously being an academy coach and assistant to the men's team - simply does not have the necessary time. In a GIF message, the coach writes that there is nothing else behind it:

- The mission was fun. I am proud and satisfied with our results and our development. But there is not enough time. Many things require time. For example, a little son. 

The 42-year-old took over after several difficult seasons and managed to stabilize GIF, which finished sixth and fifth under his leadership. The Division 1 contract, which was the big goal of the year when the series will become three instead of the current six by 2023, was secured in the last game and was a good way to go. But also a good place to replace. 

Gefle IF announces on Friday afternoon that Marcus Larsson will take over. The profile of the coach who previously led Sandviken to Elittan and without many resources in Skutskär has kept the club in the series. This year, the 34-year-old has worked in the background of GIF's women's activities, as a sounding board for the association's leaders and players. So, as we can see, such changes have a significant impact on the team's ability to win. If you want to learn more about all the factors that influence successful bets, visit!

- A very interesting, very big task. An easy decision when the question came up," Larsson says in an interview with SF shortly after the news broke. 


- I've been playing in the association for three years and I used to coach youth teams. I like the club and I want to be part of the path it has started. Gefle has great potential. A great club with great facilities. I feel that after a few difficult seasons the city started to return to the football field. I think the future is bright. It will be fun.

He surprisingly decided not to choose a coaching appointment before the season. For many reasons, but partly for the opportunity to reflect. Now the will is there again. 

- A season that has been incredibly enjoyable. Not to be in the middle of it all, but to be able to reflect on the last years. About my own philosophy for the next challenge. I needed that. 

How many different options were there?

- There were offers to be part of the management staff of Elittan, as well as men's teams in the surrounding area. But the most interesting was the venture that Gefle started with the all women's business. My task is to be the head coach of the first team and also to be involved in the academy to some extent. In the long term, a good academy is undoubtedly needed.

The club aims to belong to the elite with both senior teams by 2025 at the latest. Promotion to the Elittan is also a big ambition for Marcus Larsson, who has previously made promotion with the Red Vests. The differences await in the way the GIF girls play is quite obvious, but Larsson doesn't want to talk too much about the details yet. 

- I won't reveal anything purely from a planning point of view, but the hint is that if you win the ball high up the court, the path to goal is not that long. 

The squad has been one of the key players for the team this year. Evelina Larsson was a big reason for the fifth-place finish but took the last step in her career when the team ended the series. Pros. 

- She is well written for the club, - says Marcus Larsson a little ironically and continues, - No, probably the end. Evelina is fine, but she made her decision. Perhaps she can take part in our physical training and strengthen the team's form.

Therefore, the first task that awaits the new head coach of Gefle IF is to start with the squad for 2023. The basis will be players who belong to the club, but there are already players who have established contact with the club and are active. Many already know that his network of contacts is extensive. It remains only to see who will join in 2023. 

- I will pay great attention to assembling a team that loves to train and work together. Interesting players have already made contact and want to come to train.

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