FC Copenhagen can provide European football in spring

A win in Sevilla would at least secure Copenhagen third place in the Champions League group, despite the fact that the team has not scored so far this year.

FC Copenhagen

Ranks eighth and has problems with 1st division club Hobro in the cup.

It doesn't exactly look like European class, but in the end, FC Copenhagen has it so much that it is still alive and well in this year's Champions League group stage. And that's despite the fact that the team has yet to score a single goal in the world's best club tournament.

Tonight the team will visit the southern Spanish team at FC Sevilla, and if Copenhagen manages to get all three points, the Danish champions will be guaranteed a place in the Europa League playoffs this spring.

At least - mind you. Theoretically, three points will also open the opportunity to take second place from the German Borussia Dortmund. However, this requires help from the other side, so let's deal with the first.

Because, given the current situation and problems in the domestic league - combined with the fact that FC Copenhagen has yet to take a swing at their opponents in this year's Champions League group stage - the scenario looks somewhat interesting.

This is recognized by the head coach of "Copenhagen" Jacob Nystrup:

"Yes, but we are used to the situation. I think we have become hard to beat and we have to take that with us. We believe we can score one or two goals tomorrow. We know very well that we both have the opportunity to qualify for the Europa League and also to give our best. We are ready for this task, even if we have made a bad start in the Super League."

The team's fullback Viktor Christiansen also notes the team's improved defense and believes that a goal is likely to come:

"I really believe we had the chance to do it. It's just about believing in things. It's an art that you have to learn when you play in the Super League and at the same time you have to go out and play at the biggest addresses in Europe."

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An away game without goals

A single point in Sevilla will also not be a problem. This will give FC Copenhagen the opportunity to complete the work on third place in the last group match, where the team will visit Dortmund at home in the Park.

Because it was at home that the Copenhageners got points after 0-0 against both today's opponent from Spain and against the champion of England from Manchester City.

On the other hand, away it led to clean defeats of 3-0 and 5-0 to Dortmund and the English.

So the title of favorite is not on the side of Copenhagen, although the task is not impossible, the head coach believes:

"We know very well that we are meeting a team that is basically better than ourselves. But we have done it many times in the club's history and we know we have to get a point".

"On a good day, with a great game and a bit of luck, we can also take three," says Jacob Nystrup.

Despite the problems on the road and the lack of goals in the Champions League, Copenhagen can be happy that the team has not lost in five consecutive games in the aforementioned, Super League and cup tournament.

At the same time, Sevilla does not look in the best shape. The Spaniards also failed to win this year's Champions League, as well as in the national league they occupy only 15th place in the series, which has 20 teams.

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