How are the most attractive teams doing ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar?

With 50 days left until the start of the Qatar World Cup, the latest international competitions have given us the opportunity to see how each team is preparing for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

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During the last few days, the teams are likely to play their last match before the Qatar World Cup, which starts on November 20 this year, so the results of these games will help us predict the winner of this World Cup. Does the team have a specific benchmark value?

According to the FIFA classification, the British "Guardian" in its report listed the positions and ratings of all teams participating in this World Cup.

Brazil and Argentina: brilliance and doubts

World number one Brazil seems to have the most confidence in the fight for the World Cup title. Neymar's comrades have lost only one in their last 29 games, but it is doubtful that this team is comfortable. It has not faced any European team since the defeat to Belgium at the final World Cup.

Not far from Brazil, Argentina's team under coach Scaloni seems to be more harmonious and cohesive. This has also allowed the team to achieve a record of 35 games without being beaten, which is well behind the record without being beaten set by the Italian team. There are only two games left to the record.

But Argentina faces the same doubts as Messi's teammates have only played against two European teams, Italy and Estonia, since they crashed out in the quarterfinals against France at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Brazil is in Group G with Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon, while Argentina is in Group C with Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland.

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European teams: a chance to continue dominating

European teams will have the chance to continue to dominate the World Cup and since the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea, European teams have dominated the World Cup.

Some of these teams still have doubts, such as Spain, which suffered its first home defeat in four years against Switzerland last week, or reigning champion France, whose key players are suffering from a series of injuries and are unable to play, or Germany - which has to address the glaring deficiencies shown in the recent game against Hungary, which was Hans Flick's first defeat in 14 matches in charge.

After impressing the world with their performances in the semi-finals of the World Cup in Russia and the final of Euro 2020, England's winless streak in the last six matches has dampened the hopes of the Gareth Southgate-led team to win the championship.

On the other hand, other European teams seem to have been able to get on track, such as the Netherlands, who have been revamped under Louis van Gaal, and this seems to have rekindled the team's hopes of repeating the 2010 World Cup. of reaching the finals. Meanwhile, Belgium is chasing a World Cup dream that looks set to be the last gathering of stars of the all-golden generation led by Kevin De Bruyne. And Denmark isn't too far away, as evidenced by its recent victory over France, which bolstered a Danish national team that has already made significant strides at Euro 2020. Confidence.

Croatia, on the other hand, will have a great time confirming their qualification as runners-up at the last World Cup, while Luka Modric's teammates are in a group that includes Denmark and France, it will also be well deserved to compete for the World Cup in Qatar.

All World Cup teams should be wary of Switzerland as they not only beat Portugal in June but also defeated Spain in a tactical and impressive manner. The current Swiss team looks experienced and well-prepared to prove themselves in the next stage.

Arab teams: dream and reality

After the coach of Bosnia and Herzegovina Vahid Halihodz was sacked in August this year, the attention of the outside world was focused on the new coach of the national team of Morocco Walid Reklamki, who also passed his first test. hope was renewed - the team performed well with the return of key player Hakim Zieh, won against Chile and drew with Paraguay.

After a streak of three wins, Tunisia suffered another 5-1 defeat to Brazil in one game, a setback for a team that has relied on the defensive success of late, and for coach Jalal. the team's arrival in Qatar to face France, Denmark and Australia in Group D.

Qatar has been inconsistent in the last few games and in 50 days this will be the first World Cup game against Ecuador and it will also be a home advantage for Qatar in this global event. Chance.

On the other hand, the Saudi national team under French coach Helvey Reynard has been good and lost only once in 10 group matches in the qualifying period. After drawing their last two friendly matches against Ecuador and the United States, the Saudis will face tough tests against Argentina, Mexico and Poland in Group C.